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company history

Writing history since 1967

Auto Kunz AG was founded in 1967 by Theo and Ursula Kunz. They made history together. The company has been located in Wohlen since 1978. Since then, sales and administration have continued to be based here. However, given the development and great success of Auto Kunz, other properties have either been purchased or leased on an ongoing basis.  Since the mid-1990s, the two sons of the founders – René Kunz and Roger Kunz – have been leading the company in its second generation, and its history continues to be successful. The first cars were imported shortly after the company was established. This was a rarity back then. Thanks to the company’s import practises and skilful purchasing, Theo Kunz managed to break up the cartels of the time and is now considered one of the main pioneers of direct and parallel imports. His efforts were also the start of the fight against the high price island Switzerland had become. The enterprising business threw down the gauntlet to the competitors at that time. And he shaped history in this branch with Auto Kunz.

Auto Kunz - Geschichte - Auto Kunz AG 6

Auto Kunz - Geschichte - Auto Kunz AG 7
Developpement of Auto Kunz AG

The current owners are still responsible in their operational management for the fate of the car import business. True to its principles, the company is still striving to provide the best value for money: René Kunz since 1982 and Roger Kunz since 1988. This wealth of experience is shared with a broad-based team. Stability and reliability, innovation and aggressive prices are values that are still part of the company’s philosophy. History will continue to be written by Auto Kunz. Thanks to continuous investment, the Aargau-based dealership has grown and now engages a considerable number of employees. The company currently has a workforce of over 50 employees and is one of the largest official direct / parallel importers in Switzerland. Time and again, Auto Kunz AG has been able to satisfy customers with its pronounced customer orientation, a unique range of car makes, cross-make after-sales service, the best prices in Switzerland, customer-friendly employees and opening hours.

We are writing history since 1967

Auto Kunz has written Swiss history and changed the car market – in the past, as it does today.

We have been doing business successfully for more than half a century – trust in our vast experience. There are only a few direct importers in Switzerland who can offer such dependability.

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