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Shazia Salzmann Junior Verkaufsberaterin

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Our employees and the team – our assets

Auto Kunz AG has a staff of over 50 highly motivated employees. Thanks to a good mix of specialists from all sectors, we can offer qualified services in all areas:

from consulting and financing to repair and sales.

Each individual employee is constantly supported and trained in the various specialist areas. As a reliable and dependable employer, we have been able to create new jobs and positions for trainees since the very beginning. Each year our team takes on between six and nine apprentices.

We are proud to be recognised as a reliable and loyal employer. Many of our specialists are long-standing employees and new employees enrich our team.


Thanks to our well-trained specialists, we offer sound services in all areas.

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Thomas Stocker

Roger Kunz

Verwaltungsratspräsident und Delegierter
056 622 13 43

Jonas Brust

Jörg Appenzeller

Jonas Baumann

Teamleiter Disposition
056 619 70 71

Denis Radulovic

Teamleiter Kundendienst
056 619 70 82

Manuel Huber

Madeleine Kreischer

Teamleiterin Projektmanagement
+41 56 619 71 39

Adnan Besic

Kevin Baumann

Produktmanager JAC & Haupt Verkaufsberater
056 619 70 88

Kevin Rimann

Calvin Appenzeller

Jeannine Breitschmid

Clarissa Merle

Alessia Calvano

Celil Köroglu

Carla Vicedomini

Sachbearbeiterin Empfang
056 622 13 43

Anna di Monte

Sachbearbeiterin Empfang
056 622 13 43

Lorenzo Pagnotta

Wesley Feldkirchner

Detailhandel in Ausbildung

Marco Schläppi

Automechaniker EFZ

Vladan Nesic

Automechaniker EFZ

Leonardo Landolfo

Bruno Justino

056 619 71 65

Sebastiano Saputo


Antonio Brogna


Omid Yaqubi

Invol Automobil Assistent

Jan Mastny

Automobilfachmann in Ausbildung

Dominik Rey



Roger Kunz

Verwaltungsratspräsident und Delegierter
056 622 13 43

We attach great importance to the fact that the company stands on healthy, financial feet. Our base is very solid and therefore we can offer our employees a very secure job.

We invest in our employees and apprentices. This also means that we invest in their and our future. This means that we show great commitment and social responsibility towards our workforce.

We are always rewarded for these efforts. The highly renowned rating agency Bisnode rates tens of thousands of companies, including in Switzerland. For this quality and solid financial basis, we are regularly rated by Bisnode with top awards.

Therefore, you can count on us to be a strong, secure employer. If you are looking for a reliable and innovative employer and a great team, check our our job and careers offers.

We always like to draw attention to young talents and experienced workers. This will ensure that we have a solid basis for mutual trust and cooperation.

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