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Auto Abo & TP all inclusive

refuel except. Even the half-fare travelcard subscription is included.

The revolutionary new Auto Abo is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and flexible solution for contemporary and modern mobility that includes public transport!

In the wake of people’s changing mobility, Auto Kunz AG has developed and implemented an extremely innovative product. From the initial idea of offering a vehicle as part of a car subscription, we have now developed a product that combines vehicle rental with a Swiss Rail half-fare travelcard.

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Everything included: Insurance, tires, service, etc.

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Schedule an appointment online

We are happy to advise you personally about your car purchase. Book comfortably online your appointment in our workshop.

How can I help you?

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This product, which we call Auto Abo & Public Transport, is unique in Switzerland and offers you the possibility of combining car and public transport in Switzerland. Our Auto Abo & Public Transport product is our contribution towards promoting environmentally friendly mobility, taking responsibility and helping to shape the future.

Hybrids, electric cars and vehicles with combustion engines are available as part of the package. Also included in the Auto Abo is a ‘try & buy’ option.

This allows you to rent your car in an Auto Abo & Public Transport agreement, and after three months you decide if you want to buy. This purchase option is unique in Switzerland.  If you do buy we will offset 50% of the rental costs paid against the purchase price. 

Auto Abo & Public Transport includes:
  • New cars of (almost) all categories (SUV, estate car, convertible, electric/hybrid, sports car, luxury limousine, small car, fun vehicle, family car, etc.)
  • Free SBB half-fare travelcard for public transport by ship, bus, train and tram.
  • insurance, road tax, tyres, vignette, maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • ‘try & buy’ – e.g. 3 months Auto Abo with a purchase option and a partial refund of the rental costs!
  • 1,750 km per month/no down payment
  • Flexible / can be terminated by the month* / available immediately / home delivery on request
  • Trade ins: If you would like to trade in existing vehicle, we would be happy to submit an offer for it 
  • Simple and ingenious: the all-inclusive solution for your modern mobility

You drive, we pay, everything except petrol/diesel or electricity… a really all-inclusive subscription. Test us, it’s worth it!

For example: You can pick-up a convertible in spring and an SUV 4×4 in autumn – and all that at a monthly Auto Abo flat-rate price from CHF 749.00

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